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Example Description
AAA Searches for pages containing keyword "AAA".
AAA BBB Searches for pages containing both keywords "AAA" and "BBB".
-AAA Searches for pages without keyword "AAA".
(AAA BBB) Searches for pages containing keywords "AAA" and/or "BBB". The same goes for three or more keywords such as (AAA BBB CCC); however, the parenthesis cannot be nested.
t:AAA Searches for pages with title containing keyword "AAA". The letter "t" may be upper case.
u:AAA Searches for pages with URL containing keyword "AAA" The letter "u" may be upper case or lower case.
(1) Insert a space or a comma between keywords (single byte and double bytes are both OK). The same applies to keywords in parenthesis for OR searching. Further, the parenthesis "(" and ")" may also be double byte symbols.
(2) Alphabet letters are all non-case sensitive.
(3) The above conditional expressions may be used in any combination to form a search expression.
e.g., A B (C D) (E F G) -H t:I u:J
This search Expression means: A and B included; C or D included; E or F included; H not included; I included in the title, and J included in the URL.
(4) To search a signed integer such as "-1", place the text -1 between double quotations; i.e, "-1". If -1 is not between double quotations, then the search will be interpreted as "not including 1". However, the double quotations are not necessary in an OR searching, e.g., (-1, -2) is interpreted as search for "-1" or "-2".
(5) To search for any text in parenthesis, please type in the text as it is; however, please be careful, if there is any space in the parenthesis, the search will be interpreted as an OR searching.
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